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BA (Hons) in Health and Social Care

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Green Valley Academy’s three-year Bachelor of Arts (Honors) programme in health and social care is changing people’s lives.

Do you long to help others in meaningful ways through a profession in healthcare or social work? The BA Hons Healthcare Management programme at Green Valley Academy is a rigorous three-year curriculum that prepares students for rewarding careers in these vital and rewarding professions.

Overview of the BA Hons Healthcare and Social Care Programme:

You’ll learn the ins and outs of healthcare management, patient care, medical ethics, and social work, among many other topics, in this extensive course. Through hands-on exercises and realistic simulations, our devoted faculty of healthcare professionals and social care experts will help you develop the compassion and analytical skills essential for success in the helping professions.

Real-World Observations:

Green Valley Academy places a premium on experiential education. You’ll get to put what you learn in the classroom to use in real-world healthcare and social care settings through internships and practicums spread out across the course of the programme.

Concentrations in Medicine and Social Work:

We have many different health and social care tracks available so that you can customize your education to fit your interests and future plans. You can specialize in whatever facet of healthcare and social work most speaks to your heart by picking from options including mental health, geriatric care, and healthcare administration.

When asked why they chose Green Valley Academy, they responded, “Why not?

Green Valley Academy is a welcoming and safe place to learn because of its dedication to developing caring and competent professionals. Our Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Health and Social Care will provide you with the theoretical understanding and hands-on experience necessary to pursue a rewarding professional life in the helping professions.

Enroll in Green Valley Academy’s three-year Bachelor of Arts in Health and Social Care programme today to begin a life-altering path towards making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to develop your full potential in the medical or social service fields. You have taken the first step towards a fulfilling professional life.

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