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BA (Hons) Health and Social Care with Foundation Year

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BA (Hons) in Health and Social Care (3 years) with 1-Year Foundation Course from Green Valley Academy: An Investment in Your Future

Is a life-changing career in health and social care something you’re ready to pursue? The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Health and Social Care programme at Green Valley Academy is a rigorous three-year programme with a one-year foundation degree, and it will prepare you for a rewarding career in these important and rewarding professions.

Overview of the First Unit:

Those interested in working in the health and social care fields can use this introductory course to launch their careers after just one year. You will learn the fundamentals and lay the groundwork for future study in the BA (Hons) programme during this time. The friendly and open atmosphere of the foundation course will help you learn the fundamentals of health and social care.

Notable Topics in the Field of Health and Social Care:

After that, you’ll spend three years studying in-depth various areas of healthcare and social care as part of a BA (Hons) programme. Learn the ins and outs of healthcare administration, patient care, medical ethics, and social work. Our committed staff of working professionals will lead you through realistic simulations and real-world scenarios, developing your compassion and analytical thinking along the way.

Real-World Observations:

Learning through doing is highly regarded at Green Valley Academy. In addition to classroom instruction, you will acquire hands-on experience through practicums and internships in hospital and social care organizations over the duration of the programme..

For what reason did you choose Green Valley College?

Green Valley Academy is a safe and encouraging place to learn with a focus on developing caring and competent individuals. If you’re interested in a rewarding career in healthcare or social work, our BA (Hons) in Health and Social Care will provide you the theoretical grounding and hands-on experience you need to get there.

Get started on a life-changing path towards making a positive impact on the lives of others by enrolling in Green Valley Academy’s BA (Hons) in Health and Social Care (3 years) with a 1-Year Foundation Course today. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to develop your full potential in the medical or social service fields. You have taken the first step towards a fulfilling professional life.

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