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Math, philosophy, linguistics. it can be all up to you (or your woodchuck).

-Encouraged by Blessing Nnate, Course of 2024. What can actually be divided by zero? -Impressed by Mai Vu, Class of 2024.

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The 7 liberal arts in antiquity consisted of the Quadrivium – astronomy, mathematics, geometry, and tunes – and the Trivium – rhetoric, grammar, and logic. Explain your personal choose on the Quadrivium or the Trivium. What do you consider is vital for absolutely everyone to know? -Encouraged by Peter Wang, Course of 2022. Subway maps, evolutionary trees, Lewis diagrams.

Each individual of these schematics tells the associations and tales of their component components. Reimagine a map, diagram, or chart.

If your perform is mostly or exclusively visual, remember to include things like a cartographer’s critical of at least 300 words and phrases to assist us most effective comprehend your development. -Inspired by Maximilian Web page, Class of 2020. rn”Do you really feel blessed? Well, do ya, punk?” – Eleanor Roosevelt. Misattribute a famed estimate and discover the implications of executing so. -Impressed by Chris Davey, AB’13.

Engineer George de Mestral acquired disappointed with burrs trapped to his dog’s fur and applied the exact same mechanic to create Velcro.

Scientist Percy Lebaron Spencer located a melted chocolate bar in his magnetron lab and uncovered microwave cooking. Dye-performs proprietor Jean Baptiste Jolly located his tablecloth cleanse after a kerosene lamp was knocked above on it, consequently shaping the potential of dry cleansing. Explain a artistic or exciting option, and then discover the trouble that it solves. -Influenced by Steve Berkowitz, AB’19, and Neeharika Venuturupalli, Course of 2024. Joan of Arkansas. Queen Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Mash up a historic figure with a new time period, ecosystem, area, or occupation, and tell us their tale. -Encouraged by Drew Donaldson, AB’16.

Alice falls down the rabbit hole. Milo drives through the tollbooth. Dorothy is swept up in the tornado. Neo can take the pink capsule.

Will not inform us about a different world you have imagined, heard about, or created. Somewhat, convey to us about its portal. Confident, some individuals imagine of the College of Chicago as a portal to their long term, but you should choose a different portal to generate about. -Influenced by Raphael Hallerman, Course of 2020. What’s so odd about odd quantities? -Motivated by Mario Rosasco, AB’09.

Vestigiality refers to genetically decided structures or attributes that have evidently lost most or all of their ancestral function, but have been retained throughout the process of evolution. In people, for occasion, the appendix is considered to be a vestigial structure. Explain one thing vestigial (true or imagined) and present an explanation for its existence. -Motivated by Tiffany Kim, Course of 2020. In French, there is no variation in between “conscience” and “consciousness. ” In Japanese, there is a phrase that specifically refers to the splittable wooden chopsticks you get at dining establishments. The German word “fremdschämen” encapsulates the sensation you get when you might be embarrassed on behalf of someone else. All of these require explanation in get to properly converse their that means, and are, to various levels, untranslatable. Choose a term, explain to us what it suggests, and then clarify why it can not (or ought to not) be translated from its unique language. -Impressed by Emily Driscoll, Class of 2018.