Ukrainian customs for weddings

Anyone who has ever attended a Ukrainian ceremony knows how wealthy and significant the customs are. It’s crucial to comprehend some of the distinctive traditions that go along with this particular evening, whether you’re planning your individual wedding or working with a nearby bride. We’ll talk about some of the most popular Ukrainian ceremony customs in this article and how to combine them into your own meeting.


One of the most special ukrainian marriage practices is the Rushnyk, an embroidered material that represents the joining of two life. It contains images and cryptograms and tells the tale of the child’s ancestors. It is kept by the brides and is also referred to as a good luck charm to confirm their happiness.

a wedding cake

The making of korovai is a crucial step in the wedding ceremony. The communities of the groom and bride come collectively as a way of showcasing their unified community. Wives are never permitted to take part in this ritual because it is thought that doing so will give the new couple a piece of their fate.


The groom and bride are crowned as King and queen of their future residence during the temple ceremony as they walk down the aisle. To represent the fact that they will experience both joys and sorrows along, bouquets are placed on their faces and a cup of wine is shared.

The newlyweds ‘ parents and starosty ( two friends or family members from each side of the family who serve as ceremony masters ) will present them with gifts after the ceremony. Subsequently, to commemorate the beginning of their marriage, they ukraine date dance to the conventional Hopak music. Additionally, they will use their legs to blow a handkerchief, an old reproduction icon.